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Biodiversity Action plans 2009

The Greater Manchester Biodiversity Action Plans were recently reviewed and updated with a new format and additional sections including best practice and SMART targets. There are also direct links within the action plans to other websites for additional information, as well as, links to other BAP's, just click on the text.

Currently there are 13 action plans covering a range of habitats and species occurring in GM which require action to conserve them for the future. A further 5 action plans are in the process of being updated/created.

Click on the images below to open the PDF. 

(Action plans are in Adobe Acrobat pdf format for ease of downloading
and reading. To save the document right click, save target as)

lntroduction to the Greater Manchester Biodiversity Action Plan




Image HaresImage Grasslands 
Image HedgerowsImage Native Woodland 


     Farmland Birds (In development)


Water & Wetlands



Image Ponds & Lodges

Image Great Crested Newt 
Image Lowland MosslandsImage Willow Tit 
Image Water Voles

Image Reedbeds & Bittern

Image Black Redstart

Image Native Black Poplar

     Bats (In development)


  Urban Managed Greenspace (In development)


Image Twite


 Uplands (In development)


The action plans below are the 2003-2008 versions that are currently under review. However, they will be available until the updated ones are completed.

Bats                                                               Floating water plantain

Canals                                                           Urban-Managed greenspace